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About Us

Business & Legal Hub is a Professional Services Network, a Digital Interaction Platform and a One-Stop Shop for all legal and business services.

Business & Legal Hub is the platform for Legal firms and Business service providers to advertise their services and for individuals and businesses to raise their queries. These two participants can find each other and have mutually beneficial cooperation. Business & Legal Hub is the platform to match service providers and individuals based on a real opportunity.

Business & Legal Hub will try to form Strategic Partnership between service providers. When we receive an enquiry, the client might benefit from other services as well. In these cases, two or more service providers can form a Strategic Partnership to resolve the client’s issues.

You can publish and share your educational contents and special knowledge for the advancement of our members and clients and provide them with value added services.

Business & Legal Hub mission:

Business & Legal Hub leads the industry in advancing the practice of Finding all immigration, legal, and business service providers. We help businesses and professionals around the world to get connected and drive profitable client action.

Business & Legal Hub is the seamless cross-border platform for:
  • All people who need Immigration, Legal and business services
  • All Immigration (Before and after immigration) related services for UK and leading destinations
  • All touch down & business services such as:
    • Buying a property
    • Company registration
    • Investment
    • Accountancy services
    • Export & Import and etc
  • All Solicitors, Lawyers, and legal advisors to advertise and sell their services
  • A Unique way to refer clients
The types of potential partners we work closely with include:
  • All individuals looking to immigrate to a country
  • All individuals who have immigrated to a county and looking for after immigration services such as: Business Lawyer, Company Registration, Accountant, and more
  • Business Organizations (Consultant, Accountants, Business Lawyers, Accelerator, Incubator, VC, Mentor, Adviser, Educational Institutions, Translators, Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups, Associations and more)
  • Financial Institutions (Investment companies, Consultancy Companies and more)
  • All sort of Startups
  • All sort of Companies

To learn more about integrating Business & Legal Hub into your organization, email us at: info@Business & Legal Hub.com

Business & Legal Hub was founded in 2020 and is privately held. Business & Legal Hub is based in London.

How Business & Legal Hub works:

View the profiles

View the profiles of service providers and people looking for services. Search by Category.

Create a Profile to represent your business

Service providers’ profile serves as a universal finding application. Let the network know what you and your business are all about by creating a profile. It will be published to public and people can contact you directly. You can also search for clients in the platform.

From your profile page, people can send you their enquiry directly.

Even if you are not a service provider and only want to refer clients, create a profile, and select “Referrer”. Share the unique URL that you receive, with you network and enjoy the Management fee.

Create a Profile to tell others what you need

Whether you need a solicitor to immigrate to a country, a business lawyer, a family lawyer, a business plan writer, a business consultant or etc. just create a profile and let us and service providers find you.

Your personal data will not be published publicly. Either service providers contact us, and we submit your profile to them, knowing it is secure or we submit your profile to the trusted ones.

Digital Interactions

If you are a service provider or a referrer, after creating your profile a unique URL will be emailed to you. By sharing this link in your social media or sending it to friends and families, they will raise their query by creating a profile. When we receive it, we will know that they are coming from you. If the query is in line with your line of expertise, we send the query to you to be dealt with. If the query is not within your expertise, we send it to a trusted service provider, and you will receive your Management fee.

Or if you just refer clients to our platform, they can mention your name and you will receive your management fee.


Every now and then you can write educational contents in order to advance your services. They will be published under your name. You can share these contents in your social medias to boost your business.